I am a London-based freelance journalist and, copywriter, specialising in hair & beauty. As well as writing for a number of notable online and print publications, I also work with a number of global and niche beauty clients focusing on areas such as social media management, copywriting, and public relations.

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Spell Magazine | Embrace the teeny weeny afro - no scissors required!

If you’re considering cutting all your hair off – HOLD FIRE! Achieve a stunning (TWA) with The Feme Collection Afro Lace Wig.

There’s no denying that wearing a wig gives you the best of both worlds. Going curly to straight, long to short, black to blonde has never been easier. For a TWA-friendly wig that gives you an edgy aesthetic and look superbly natural from all angles, look to The Feme Collection’s Afro Lace Wig. The pre-shaped SYN fibre hairpiece is ready to be worn straight out-the-box.


Social media can be both a blessing and a curse. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have proven to be invaluable in providing endless hairstyle inspiration, spotlighting trends, and giving us a front row seat to all the emerging trends. While these are all positive aspects, like most things, there are some downsides. Clients now mistakenly think they can achieve any colour that pops up on their feed or timeline, regardless of their hair type or the condition of their mane. So, with the help

Dealing With Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss is undoubtedly a by-product of the post-pregnancy experience that no one asked for. It is defined as consistent hair loss that typically occurs after giving birth at an approximate rate of 400 hairs per day (the average amount of hair we shed when we’re not pregnant is 80-100 hairs per day). The shedding is caused by a dip in our oestrogen levels and experts agree that it’s not true hair loss as we know it to be, as it’s direct consequence of the hormonal changes experienced

7 Super-inspiring Young Trailblazers To Celebrate On World Afro Day

September 15th marks World Afro Day. The event, which is celebrated worldwide, is the brainchild of Michelle De Leon, who created World Afro Day as a way for us to collectively celebrate coiled, curly and kinky hair textures as well as educate the world about the beauty and uniqueness of textured hair. To celebrate, we showcase 7 incredible young queens (and young kings) who proudly rock their mane with confidence, inspiring a generation of children.

As one half of the inspiring brother and sis

16 incredible women championing the beauty of their afro or naturally textured hair

Black women and girls have long been discriminated against on the basis of their textural of their hair and their natural hairstyle choices. And it is a global issue. In 2017, an online petition was created by Leanne Sullivan whose daughter, a student at Fulston Manor School, Kent, was told to remove her braids and return to a ‘normal’ style, as braided styles were in breach of the school’s uniform policy.

In 2016 a school in Pretoria, South Africa, a country that is no stranger to racial tensi

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